Clip Zip Review

Big Things come in small packages. I have never understood this concept as a big person. The Clip Zip embodies that concept. In its small package this player does a brilliant job of living up to the large expectations that its predecessors set forth.

The Clip Zip plays all the formats of music you have come to expect in a  player. It does this very well. With a full color screen you can clearly the song you are hearing and displays album art as it should. 

The Clip Zip has an awesome FM radio. It uses RDS technology so your Clip Zip works just like your car radio. It allows you the presets you are used to and allows for an easy transition between them by simply tapping the center button.

The books section of The Clip Zip is where you can find your audiobooks and podcasts. This is a great home for these types of audio, separate from music or any other audio. Both audiobooks and podcasts support resuming playback from where you left off if you have to stop in the middle, eliminating the need to fast forward or scan thru things you have heard before. (Please note Mac Users Audible wont work on this player if you use Itunes)

As is always nice on  Sandisk players Voice recording is back. 

If you choose to use a microSD card for additional storage you are in for a treat. The Card menu. If you take the main menu that you have in the music section of the player and add to it the books section of the player and limit it to the contents of the card you can manage your player even more efficiently and this setting allows that.

For the runners out there the Sport option is a great little add on. It gives you a timer for ease of use with the player no more setting your watch then your player and losing valuable seconds. 

Some great other things… Obviously great are multiple USB settings and back light and powersaver customization. But you can also customize what’s in your main menu and remove options you don’t use. 

Go to a long list double click the center button and scroll thru the letters. It makes it easy to find the artist you want quickly.

Overall this is a great player that does what it says it will do and does it phenomenally, The perfect player for a person with basic needs or some one like me who spends 8-12 hours a day with a player on.