Clip Zip Feedback and Feature Request Thread

+1 on the lap timer and audio cues for time and such. I’m still rocking along on my Clip+ which has been nearly perfect. Just repaired a broken clip. Two things would make me buy a Clip Zip today:

  1. A metal case. The plastic (on the Clip+, at least) is fairly sturdy but I’ve got to believe that a metal case would be even more robust. The plastic case’s potential weakness was a concern when I bought the Clip+ but I didn’t think it would really be an issue. Now that I’ve broken mine I feel much more passionate about clip strength.

  2. Audio cues for the stopwatch. A lap timer would be nice and I’d use it if I had one but I think I’d get even more use out of the audio cues. I had an old Phillips mp3 player with a stopwatch feature and a button that read the time when you pushed it. It was awesome. The player was total garbage otherwise but that feature kept me using it for years until it was replaced by the Clip+.

I do not use my Clip+ to its full potential. I’ll probably get a Zip sometime soon - even sooner if my clip repair fails - and I don’t expect to use it to its full potential either. I use my Clip+ almost exclusively as an exercise mp3 player. It goes running with me and it goes to the gym with me. I don’t care about the display because I rarely look at it. All I need are tactile buttons so I can turn it on, advance or repeat a track, or adjust the volume. I do very little else with it. I’m totally sold on the brand and model because it does what I want so well that I really can’t imagine getting anything else. Having said that, a Clip model incorporating my two suggested features would be purchased with little regard to price.