Clip Zip does not start


my 8Gb clipzip does not start. I tried several reboots (>20 sec.), the zip seemd to start but then freeze.

What can I do now?

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Can you connect up via your computer and then reformat under Windows? Note: this will erase the content you have on the player–move it to your computer first if you care about it. You also could try reapplying the latest firmware to the player (if you can connect up)–see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.

No I cannot connect it to the computer.

My USB Host can´t find it.

And now?

With the player off, try pressing and holding the REW or CENTER button of the player while at the same time plugging it into your computer. Continue holding the button down until the player powers up and see if it is now recognized by your computer so you can then format it in Windows.

Formatting will erase all user-added content, so you will have to re-load your files. Before you do that however, I’d suggest downloading MP3Tag (free) and checking the file’s tags for proper format (ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1) and removing any strange or foreign characters and anything in the Comments field of the tag.

I’d then load a few albums at a time, unplug and check for correct operation of the player before continuing. Most freezes or lock-ups of the player during the database refresh are caused by tag problems. Sansa players are particularly sensitive to these.


no, nothing.


I want to download rockbox on my sansa clipzip I installed rockbox utility but it dosent work

@mrmarkovic12 wrote:

I want to download rockbox on my sansa clipzip I installed rockbox utility but it dosent work

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The Rockbox utility works. Obviously you are doing something wrong and/or are not following the directions. Without any details it’s impossible to help you. However, I suggest you heed #1 & #2 and start a new thread for any further issues you may have. :wink: