clip zip connected to Ford's Sync system issues

I connect my clip zip to my Ford Sync system and I have nothing but issues. 

    Issue one is that whenever I disconnect it from my car it turns off and won’t turn back on until I reset it.

    Issue two is that it won’t recognize any songs on my external 8g memory card.  (although it did once)

Anyone have the same problem or a solution? Is there a proper method for connecting and disconnecting from Sync?

It’s possible that it could be user error I guess.  :slight_smile:

I think most stereos won’t read more then one disk over USB, so usually its whichever one gets mounted first that you see. FWIW, rockbox has a setting that might help with this: Although I have no idea if it’ll help you.

Issue #1 - Power down the player before shutting the car off.

Issue #2 - Your car’s stereo (as Saratoga mentioned) will only see the internall memory of the player. It’s not “smart enough” to see 2 separate drives which is essentially what your have in a player with a memory card slot.

Use a card reader for your memory card. No, it won’t be incorporated in with the library on the player, but this way you’ll be able to hear the music that’s on it.

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