Clip Zip + Coca cola = kaput clip??

I think I know the answer to this, but just over a week ago my daughter drenched her clip zip in diet coke.  I mean really drenched - the zip was in a bag with a leaky coke bottle. She kept quiet about it, and used the clip later the same day.  I just happened to pick it up same evening and checked if it needed a charge, which it did because the screen was completely blank.  So, not knowing what had happened I plugged it into the mains.  I thought it odd the screen didn’t light up and it was a little while later my daughter fessed up to what had happened. 

I pulled out the 32GB card, which had 2 burnt looking contacts but still works.  I then washed the player through with deionised water a few times, to get rid of any coke left in it, and left it to dry for a week.  It still won’t switch on, and won’t register when plugged into my computer.  I’ve now opened it up, and sure enough there are a couple of burn marks near the contacts in the card slot. I can’t see any other damage, but I guess we’re talking micro-connections so no telling what else has happened.

I imagine that coke is probably about the worst thing to have spilled on the little fellah, since if I remember my chem 101 it is a pretty good conductor. It is also possible there is still some coke in it that I didn’t manage to wash out.  I guess the water wouldn’t have done it much good either.

I’m nearly resigned to getting another for her, but just wondered if anyone has any ideas or thinks I should wait longer than I have before giving up on it. 

My guess is, you did everything you could and should. Likely, RIP, little buddy . . . .