Clip Zip and Rockbox

Does Rockbox make the Clip Zip run smoother with less problems?  Also, does it void my warranty if I install it?

I’ve read some good things on these boards about Rockbox, but I’d be a little worried about installing it if it voids the warranty considering my original Clip Zip froze on the welcome screen and I had to send it to Sandisk for a new one.


I searched this forum and couldn’t find anything about Rockbox and warranty, so I did a google search and found that for other devices yes, it does void the warranty.  I couldn’t find anything specifically for the Clip Zip.

This will be the last time I bump this thread, but any help would be greatly appreciated, for the first question in my original post also.


Rockbox doesn’t really make any mp3 player run any “smoother”. And as far as problems? It depends on what problems you are referring to. I’ve had my Clip Zip since it came out, and I haven’t had ANY problems with it. And I know many others who have had virtually trouble-free performance from theirs as well for just as long. Most of the problems you read about here on the forum that people have are self-induced, either through ignorance, laziness or lack of care.

What Rockbox does is offer tons more options and settings allowing greater variety and flexibility in how you use the player. Some people find this advantageous, others prefer the simplicity of just pressing the Play button and listening.

And yes, 3rd-party soft/firmware will void any manufacturer’s warranty, including Sandisk’s. Having said that though, if you do need to return to SanDisk under warranty, you can probably un-install Rockbox from it in most cases.

However, Rockbox has been around for years, is updated very often, and stable on a great many different players. Frankly, I’ve never heard of a case where SanDisk denied a warranty claim because Rockbox had been installed on a player.

Thanks Tapeworm.  I will consider using Rockbox for its many options and settings.

I have been cleaning up my mp3s with mp3tag, so hopefully I have a better experience this time around.  Thanks again Tapeworm for all your knowledge.

Rockbox allows dual-boot to either the original firmware or Rockbox.  After a brief perusal of the UM warranty statements, I saw no explicit exclusion for a third party OS.  The Sansa firmware is copyright and Rockbox is installed in parallel, does not replace and does not modify the OF.

I am still considering Rockbox and have DL the necessary files.