Clip Zip 4GB removes IDv2 and album art

Okay, I have a question about my Clip Zip 4GB. More of a complaint and a WTF.

I’ve had my CZ4GB for…6 months or more. I’ve been putting my songs on my microSD card.

Well, my 32GB card is getting filled up, so I decided to put some on the internal drive on the CZ4GB.

Now, I’m the **bleep** type and I like to have the album art and idv2 on all of my MP3s. Who wouldn’t?

So, I put the MP3’s on there. Boot it up. And the album art is now gone and the IDv2 information is gone too.

So instead of seeing:      Olivia Project


I see:                Olivia Project

                      26-The Olivia Project-Xanadu

And going into the info for the song on the CZ4GB, it doesn’t list a year or number for the song.

So yeah, it deletes all of the IDv2 information for the song and deletes all the album art.

Now, my MP3s aren’t Read Only.

But, why in the holy hell would Sandisk make something that would edit a file?

Hardware shouldn’t be able to edit the software.

What the hell is going on?

So, my battery just died. Whatever. I plug the m240 into the wall so it will charge while I listen to it.

And suddenly, all the album art is back.


If it isn’t plugged into the wall, the album art is gone. When I plug it in, the album art is back.

Is David Blane trapped inside the m240, because this is magic! (NO, THIS IS PATRICK)

But, the IDv2 information is still gone.

You might try manually reapplying the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum)–sometimes the firmware can become glitchy over time.  If that doesn’t work, you could try reformatting the player under its System settings (transfer any content you want to save to your computer first, as the reformat will erase your content on the player)–a reformat can fix odd circumstances.