Clip won't write

I am hoping someone can help. I am trying to add songs to my playlist with WMP 11, I have the newest version. I drag and drop them from a folder on my desktop to the edit in pane list on wmp, that is how I loaded all my playlists. I have been adding songs with no problem but now when I drag and drop them to the edit pane list and click save playlist, I connect the clip and it won’t go to write, it just keeps saying that it is connected. I have tried to load them in all the 3 different modes and it still will not write to the clip. It is also telling me that it is full after sync but I deleted a playlist that had 10 songs in it but is still telling me it is full. It says there is 463 mb left so I am not sure what is going on. Can anyone help?? Thanks!!

  1. Go to Settings -> System Info on your Clip.  What is the number next to “Free”?

  2. Where do you see that you have 463 mb left?  On your Clip (see step #1), or in WMP?

  3. Do you actually see songs on your Clip?  If not, make sure you look while the Clip is in MTP mode and while it’s in MSC mode (Settings -> USB Mode).

  4. When you say you “deleted a playlist that had 10 songs”, where did you delete this playlist?  In WMP?

  5. What happens if you just try to sync one song to the Clip?

Hi PromisedPlanet

  1. I have 463 mb left on the clip in system info

  2. On the clip

  3. I see all my songs on the clip - no matter what mode it is in, and it plays them without a problem, I have 5 playlists and they all play fine

  4. I deleted it from the clip using the computer, not wmp

  5. Nothing happens, it tells me it is connected, wmp recognizes the clip, but it will not write - it just keeps showing connected. When I unplug the clip from the computer, it does refresh the data either.

There could be an issue with the file system in your Clip’s memory.  You could try doing a Format from your Clip’s Settings menu (which will erase all the songs and playlists currently on your Clip), and then resync.

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Thanks PeomisedPlant for your help. I guess I will leave it as is since it is just about full anyway. I don’t want to reformat it and erase everything and not be able to load anything back on to it.