Clip won't reset - hangs on bootup banner

Hi there,

Today I plugged my Clip into the USB 2.0 hub on the back of my MAC Cinema Display (which was plugged into my MacBookPro). Idea was to charge up the Clip for my ride home from work. I forgot to ‘Eject’ the Clip before pulling out the USB cable. When I turned it on, it hung at the Sandisk Sansa boot up banner. Tried to reset it by holding up the power switch for 20 seconds+, but no luck.

What’s the next step?


Try to update the firmware, or if does not work, open the player and make a short-circuit the battery (one second)

Shorting the battery might cause non-resettable circuit protection to trip, depending on the design.  (aka “blown fuse”)  There is not much incentive to design in an auto-resetting circuit protection for a very low cost device like this, unless the fuse costs more or is unreliable.

The other alternative, if the unit is frozen and 20-second-plus power button hold will not reset it:  Leave it sitting until the battery dies. (Just leave it sitting somewhere safe, at room temperature, with nothing nearby that might burn - in case it exhibited a “thermal event” due to “system anomaly”.  There’s probably not enough energy in a Clip+ battery to actually catch the unit on fire - but better safe than sorry.)

I would not recommend opening the player and shorting it–you have a 1 or 2 year warranty on your player that opening it could void.  I would try the above; if it doesn’t work, you could contact SanDisk for a warranty replacement.