Clip won't play mono FLAC

My 8G Clip, fw 2.01.32, will show but not play 44.1 kHz 16 bit mono FLACs (compression level 5). The same as MP3 works fine.

Workaround: Convert to stereo with identical channels. Then it plays fine, at the same file size as before (as FLAC will notice that there’s no difference between the channels).

Still, it’s a bug that should be fixed.

I had a similar problem with mono ogg-vorbis files stuttering. Stereo was fine, mono was bad. The clip was brand new with the latest firmware applied. I was able to solve it by reinstalling the firmware using the MSC approach (not the Windows firmware updater) detailed in the first post of this forum:

Now I can play mono ogg-vorbis without problem.

Perhaps the FLAC case can also be solved in this way?