Clip wont come on

Yesterday I was letting my cousin use my clip to clean the batheroom, while cleaning the bathroom he had the shower on and for some unbelievable reason my clip fell into the water. Now when I try to put it on it doesnt work, when I hook it up to my computer it says “Connected.” I then tried using a Jabra Charger to see if it works and it does work. Even though it saus “Subscription Cant be found” or something like that. I then pick one of my songs and it still say something about subscription. I then go to the radio and it works perfectly fine. After a few minutes I go back to my songs I put on it and it starts working fine. I need to know when I unplug my sansa out of the charger from my PC and Charger how Can I put it on since it wont work that way?

Let the Clip dry completely for a few days, placing it in a warm dry place.  If there’s a wee bit of moisture inside, a day on the windowsill is the ticket.

If the Clip has subscription / DRM tracks, resynchronizing will clear that message up.

If you are getting this message with non-DRM (unprotected) media, once the device has had a chance to dry out, plug in, and let it simply charge for a few hours to a whole day.  The heat dissipated by charging, after having been allowed to dry out for a few days, will dissipate any remaining moisture.

Try using the Format command on the Sansa to clean the slate, and reload your music.  Remember that formatting wipes the memory clean on your device, so always have your music backed up on your computer.

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