clip+ with one month old imac running lion?

I have read plenty - but most of the posts were older and I am wondering if the Clip+ works with the newest OS - Lion?

I have tried everything suggested in what I have read - BUT… the device does not show up anywhere.  Is any one out there using Lion? I see no support/drivers so…

Gosh - I hope someone can help.  I love my little Clip+ and don’t want to abandon it.

And the Clip’s USB mode, under Settings, is set to MSC mode, right?

yes - it is set to MSC.

I have two and both are able to be charged up, just can’t find them on this new imac.  Where are the places they might show up?  I don’t see them in “finder” under devices. And they don’t show up in itunes.

ANYONE running a clip+ on a NEW imac with Lions?  AND…has anyone moved up to Mountain Lion and if so - are you using clip+ with the ungraded os?