Clip+ will not turn on after inserting microSD card

Anyone else run across this?  My clip+ will not turn on when I insert a microSD card into it.  In order to get it responsive again, I have to reset it (20 seconds holding the power down).  I’ve re-installed the most recent firmware and tried a few different sd cards.  I can insert one when the player is on, but then it doesn’t get recognized.  It’s starting to distress me…I want to play my new 80s and 90s slotRadio card.  =(

Sounds more like a hardware problem than a firmware one. 

I suggest that you return/exchange the player to the seller or if it’s pass that time, then contact Sandisk Support or call them at
1-866-726-3475 in the US.   There’s a one year warranty for the States and two years in Europe.