clip will not playback files and lists

Actually I wasn’t doing “the same thing over and over again” I tried a number of different solutions gleaned from this thread and a number of searches on google. I rejected the ones that didnt work, did more research online, and tried various combinations until eventually, and with the kind assistance of other contributors I found a combination of fixes that got me somewhere.It’s called scientific method. 

In any event. We seem to be back on track now.

Glad to hear you are in business. These things can be very frustrating which is why groups such as this exist. Take comfort in the fact that we have all had similar problems, if not with the clip then with some other device or software, that’s the way it is with computers and complex devices. Decent user manuals would help but vendors have long ago learned few read them plus they are costly to produce so I wouldn’t expect that situation to improve.

I think that many users would be happy to read a good, all-inclusive manual–but the manfs. rarely produce them, seemingly to avoid the cost. 

Shameful, in my mind–how can you get the full benefit of an item without knowing everything it has to offer?  Especially the case with complex software (such as Windows 7–as helpful as its help screens are, I had to search on the web to find a list of its Search facility filters, nowhere listed in the Windows 7 help screens themselves, as far as I can tell). 

I seem to have a similar problem to this person and have been emailing back & forth with the Sandisk support desk, but to date, nothing they’ve suggested has made any difference.

I’ve read through all the posts on this thread and they seem to match my issue, only none of the suggestions have worked for me.

When I first got the player last week I was able to drag & drop to the Music folder - although they are podcasts that I am loading, I discovered that putting them in the Podcast folder on the player didn’t work, as the player doesn’t ever show Podcasts in the playlist, after I disconnect from the computer. But only some of the podcasts would play and not others, yet the very same podcasts play perfectly well on my older SanDisk player (which I had planned to pension off when I bought this new one).

The podcasts are downloaded via the same software, i.e. Juice and all have the correct ID tags (I’ve checked them using the Mp3tag program suggested here) and bit rate of either 65 kbps or 128 kbps.  I’ve also tried loading via Windows Media Player and all the files show up on the player while it’s connected to the computer, but as soon as I disconnect, only a few of them are showing in the playlists.

The help desk person suggested that I might have added the files in the wrong mode, i.e. MTC instead of MSC, but I’ve tried both modes and neither makes a difference. I’ve formatted the player numerous times and reset to factory defaults.  I can’t believe this has become so complicated when my old Sandisk player is so simple and worked like a charm.

Because I don’t live in the US, I can’t ring Sandisk support (they don’t have phone support in Australia) and the company I purchased it from hasn’t even replied to my emails.

I’d appreciate any new suggestions.