clip+ will load music but then skipthrough each song without playing

help please as above,

i use windows media player and drag the music across and sync it to the clip.

but when i want to play the music it just skips through each song.

hope thats clear ,

thank you for any replys

Are the songs that are skipped in a format that the Clip recognizes?  Skipping over a song oftentimes is indicative of an unsupported format.

Look at the files on the unit from your computer.  You may have to change a setting in Windows to give you full information–search your Help files for “Hide extensions of known” and follow the directions to un-hide them.  (It’s slightly different for each version of Windows.) 

If the music was ripped with a Mac you may have sent over files the Fuze won’t play, like .mp4 files. Those have to be converted to mp3. The easiest way is to use iTunes, highlight them and Create Mp3 Version. Take the mp4’s off the unit, send over the mp3s. 

Or you may have MACOSX folders full of Mac “Finder” files–little 1kb files with names like ._.01-FirstTrack.mp3 that aren’t actually the songs. The Sansa sees “.mp3” and tries to play it but there’s nothing there to play. Delete all MACOSX folders from the Sansa, and make sure any .mp3 files are actually music–usually about 1MB per minute of music in size.