Clip+ vs. Clip: 1. General sound quality, 2. Radio reception

After owning the clip+ for a few weeks now I can concur with ataribaby about the radio reception. 

I listen to radio 4 as well and a few other fm stations and I can say for sure that reception is flaky most of time, while moving around the city.

I sometimes have -

regular drop outs.

times where, while not moving the arial, I have to move the little divice itself to get a better recption, like mw, not to a different location, even, just to tilt it on its axis.

The auto preset does not find a lot of stations, even ones with local transmitters.

scanning is the same as above.

Apart from that Its a very nive little device.

@yelped wrote:
on the Fuze V1 it is more Crisp and Spread-Out, on the Clip+, it is slightly more pushed together and bassy. You could call it warmer.

It wouldn’t annoy me that much if only volume level wasn’t dropping when using the EQ!

Glad that I found this thread… good to know it’s not just me.

Just bought the Clip+ today, after being impressed by my roommate’s original Clip, and was underwhelmed by the audio quality. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t impressive. Out of curiosity, I ran a series of completely subjective tests, listening to the same files on both devices side by side with a pair of Grado SR-125 headphones. Ataribaby’s and Crescendo’s thoughts on the sound mirrored mine exactly… too much midrange, bass that was substantially less rich and punchy, and a weak, un-involving sense of spatialization… seriously disappointing for a player I bought BASED the quality of the soundstage of its predecessor (well, that and the microSD and FLAC capabilities).

Good enough for what it is? Maybe for someone, but it’s ridiculous for a product line to be taking a step backwards like this. The SD slot shouldn’t have come at the expense of audio quality, and it certainly isn’t worth the trade off (for me).

It’s going back to BestBuy asap. I notice the original Clips (new) are going for more on Ebay than I paid for the Clip+ in the store. Go figure.