Clip Voice Recorder Distortion - clipfix

It is easy to overload the Clip’s voice recorder.  What makes the problem worse is the recorded wave inverts at the positive rail, so even mild overloading creates a horrible buzz.  Here’s an example: clipfix_demo1.wav.

The top waveform in the picture shows what the clip is doing.

clipfix before and after

I created a classic unix-style filter utility that converts the top waveform to the bottom waveform.  Here’s how it sounds when applied to the example: clipfix_demo2.wav.

The C source code for the utility is here: clipfix.c.

A MinGW-compiled version (for Windows) is here: clipfix.exe.  This program is run from the Windows command prompt like so:

C:\Documents and Settings\Guest> clipfix < orig.wav > new.wav



The V01.01.30A firmware fixes the recorder distortion negating the need for the clipfix tool.  Thanks Sansa!

I have experienced the same problem with my new Fuze. After updating the firmware, it is much better but not fully satisfied. How can I use the fix you had mentioned?