Clip/Vista issue-after firmware update with sansa updater

Just something that has been bothering me for awhile. My new 2gb clip worked fine and I updated it with the sansa updater. Ever since then my player will only work in MSC mode. That’s fine with me, but now the add/remove harware icon is gone from Vista and no USB connected items work properly. Nothing MTP will work on my computer now. Also, every time I unplug my Clip after charging etc. a box will appear saying that Sansa universal updater has stopped working properly-when I wasn’t even using it! I haven’t used it since that one firmware update. (wish I never had.)

Since you are using vista OS you can try to check these usefull links;

hope this help.  :wink: 

None of those work for me-they say I’m fine and don’t need them.