Clip very SLOW bootup and everything !!!

SANSA Clip 2GB .

So, the last thing i did before it all went berserk, i put one 15mb jpeg  on the device (a large picture i needed) and 4 new music files (mp3 of 200mb each) and i connected the device to a cd player with usb, device was getting power and playing tracks, showing conected to PC screen in that time. All of a sudden it powered OFF and since then it takes him 10min to get over the bootup screen (the sansa logo animation) after witch it stays around 2-5min refreshing media … i format it, MSC mode, reset, hold down mid button when connecting, did not help.

As i said i can connect to it but takes alot of time. If i play a file it freezez after a short time. After format it says “Total memory 1923 mb” and “Free memory 1102mb” and that i have 32 songs on the player, but the list is empty.

I read and did everything related to crash/freeze on this forum.did not work. Formating takes 2-3min to finish.

What i did not do is format from PC, i will try that now, maybe in meantime some1 else has a suggestion.

edit: ok, i tried formating from withing windows explorer, it says it cant completly format the device. In explorer i can see all my songs, and the jpg photo are still on the device, trying to delete them resulted in a error message… 

Everything i try to do is so SLOW and i cant copy/paste on or from the device anything, thats what problems i have.

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tryed UPDATE`ing cause i have the older 1.01.32 firmware, but it gives an error. Also i cant copy the firmware on the player cause…i cant :expressionless: . Its as if the memory fails. Weird thing is that after soo many FORMATS and all that i can still view the jpg file and play the 32 songs i “had” and still have on the player. Cant delete/ copy them or paste new stuff on it. As if it is LOCKED . wtf

ok, i managed to be able to COPY from the player by making it Optimize for Performance from hardware, instead of quick removal. Cant copy or delete from it tough, files keep p0oping back on the player after i delete them now … weird. Atleast i saved my stuff…well some of it, others failed to copy. Why the hell cant i modify my clips files.  Its on LockDown or something ??? …helppp

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I am having the same problem.  I have the 2GB and an additional 8GB card.  All of the sudden it is slow as all get out and I cannot do anything with it.  I can’t play music.  I have the most recent firmware.  I’ve tried doing soft resets, which are basically just powering it off and nothing.  When I start it back up it does the same thing.  Just slow @$$ from menu to menu but it won’t do anything else.  Frustrating!!

Can you format from the Clip’s settings?  Note:  this will erase the content on your player.