Clip sync problems

I am using WMP 12 to try to sync podcasts to my clip+.  Once the sync is complete, the only way I can access my podcasts on the sync individually and chronologically is through the folder menu.  If I go to the podcast menu, it lists and plays them according to date, then the hour of the podcast.  For example, if I sync the following podcasts: 26 Jan 11 - Podcast 1 - hour 1; 26 Jan 11 - Podcast 1 - hour 2; 26 Jan 11 - Podcast 2 - hour 1 and 26 Jan 11 - Podcast 2 - hour 2, it will list them in the podcast menu as

26 Jan 11 - Podcast 1 - hour 1

26 Jan 11 - Podcast 2 - hour 1

26 Jan 11 - Podcast 1 - hour 2

26 Jan 11 - Podcast 2 - hour 2

and play them back as such.

Additionally, all the other menus such as artist, recently added, songs, are all empty.  Can’t add playlists either as I can make them all day, but they just show up as empty folllowing a sync.  Kind of frustrating had none of these problems with my old 4 gb clip.  Have tried going through both MTP and MSC modes. 

Perhaps I’m not following things, but is the issue here that the ID3 tags for the podcasts are in the undesired form?  As a general matter, the Clip’s database uses the ID3 tags for organization and display purposes, if there are ID3 tags.  If that’s the issue, you could use a program like MP3Tag (Internet freeware) to fix the tags; or just continue using the folderview (especially if you’re only using the podcasts once and don’t want to be bothered further).