Clip Sport vs Sansa+

 hi folks, i was trying to compare these 2, they are roughly the same price.

Sport has bigger screen, but is it needed? just for album art???

Sansa has OLED which is nice.

They seem so similar…

Along with displaying album art, the Sport plays AAC files, so if you have bought a lot of music from the iTunes Store in m4a format, it can play without conversion.

Maybe this thread would help?

The biggest positive difference:  the Sport’s battery is rated at 25 hours, over the 15 hours on the Clip+. 

Having said that, the Sport’s firmware and system, including database capacity, is more limited than with the Clip+.  Unless you really need the Sport’s longer battery or prefer its appearance, you might want to consider if the limitations may hamper you.

Some peope would prefer a bigger screen and some doesn’t. The price difference isn’t that much though.