Clip Sport: volume control, pause/mute (safety concern)

(1.) Even with the latest firmware (v1.18) there a long delay before sound stops, after hitting pause when the screen is blank.

If you are out walking (near traffic) or doing training, and someone calls out or waves to get your attention, you hit pause.


Sometimes, after a one to two second delay, the music stops. However (perhaps due to poor debounce logic) it can just go on playing, even though the display comes back up.

This is a serious safety concern (for either scenario).

(2.) The low volume control is also an issue. It does not appear to follow the logic used on the Sansa Clip ZIp, and doesn’t work any better in Low or High mode.

At very low volume, I keep hitting ‘mute’ when I lower the volume. It is still quite loud, in a quiet room or late at night. It does not stop at lowest setting, but mutes instead.

This is annoying, and suggest the programmers or testers are partially deaf.

(3.) There is also no protection against accidentally (or a ‘friend’) holding the Volume-Up button. The volume will rapidly climb to the maximum possible level. A ‘feature’ also on the earlier Sansa devices.


This is a health/safety concern.