Clip Sport Plus with a white screen, otherwise dead

I am having a problem with my Clip Sport Plus. White screen, otherwise unresponsive.

Press and hold for 20 seconds and the screen goes black. 

Press and hold for 20 seconds and the screen goes white. Sometimes it kinda flickers.

Same behavior whether it is plugged in or not.

I have had this unit for about two months…

Any wisdom?


Maybe repeat those 20-30 sec On/Off cycles while connected to a USB wall charger (not a computer USB port). A 1.0 amp charger usualy works for me. If you get a postive result, leave the player connected for 2-3 hours.

Is the player filled to capacity?  Usually need to leave ~100 mb for music library compiling space, etc.

Also, what type of audio files are you using?  Must avoid DRM files.  Sometimes my player chokes on iTunes m4a files.

I only use mp3 files and the audible files (.aaf?).

No luck with the multiple cycles on the wall plug. Any other ideas?

Sorry to read about your continuing difficulties.  I was hoping for your success from a combination of the various tips you cited.

Did you you try this one?

      Disconnect the player from computer USB port. Then press the center power button for 15-20 secs. Then while pressing the button, connect the player to the USB port of the computer. Then see if the player restarts as normal?


If you get your player to respond, maybe use the internal RESTORE command and/or reinsert the FIRMWARE to give it a fresh start on life.

Best wishes.

How do I do this internal restore command?

If you can get your player to re-start normally and you get it charged up.

Settings -> System Settings -> Restore. (will delete all user selected choices) (no audio files are deleted)

      This is just a simple “Reset”. 

If you are still struggling, likely you can return it for a full refund?

I tried what you said to do with mine & it won’t turn on or has a black screen

That option gets rid of your music you have put on. I’ve tried that in the past with mine.