Clip Sport Plus cards and future firmware update request for memory/bookmarking function

Couple of questions:

I’m interested in jumping to the Clip Sport Plus from the Clip Sport but I’m wondering if there is a way to add to the device’s 16GB with an external disk/drive?  Doesn’t seem to be indicated anywhere on the packaging or information on the webpage.

Second, love to see some sort of “memory or bookmarking” function on the next firmware update, so I don’t have to fast forward an hour+ podcast when I’m moving on to another file, or adding files to the device! 


Your suggestions are excellent and would add to the versatility of the ClipSport Plus Plus.

It appears to me that the marketplace for music listening has moved away from collectors and is primarily focused on streamers.

the sport plus does not have a card slot. 

resume should be supported. if you put the file in the podcast folder you should be able to pause it and when you play it again it should ask if you want to resume or start from the beginning.