Clip Sport not responding to anything

Player won’t respond… acts like dead battery… plug into charger and gets white screen… unplug and it’s dead once more… doesn’t repond when connected to pc…pc won’t reconize it… is my Clip Sport really dead?

Did you hold down the power button for over 30 seconds, then try to turn it on again?

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yes… nothing happens…just blank blue/white screen

Here is a tip that hopefully may work for you.

Disconnect the player from computer USB port. Then press the center power button for 15-20 secs. Then while pressing the button, connect the player to the USB port of the computer. Then see if the player restarts as normal?

I am having this problem as well with my Clip Sport Plus. White screen, otherwise unresponsive.

Press and hold for 20 seconds and the screen goes black. 

Press and hold for 20 seconds and the screen goes white. Sometimes it kinda flickers.

I have had this unit for about two months…

Any wisdom?


My Sport Clip was also dead.  I used the suggestion of holding the buttom for 30 ceonds, then plugging into my computer.  This seemed to reset the unit and everything is working now.  Good tip.