Clip Sport lost volume membrane. Can't change volume.

Hi. Recently my so called “water resistant” mp3 player sustained water damage after a drop of rain. I had to open it up to dry off the inside after spending a week in rice. During the tear down I lost the membrane for the volume, the volume is utterly stuck now and doesn’t work at all. I can’t change the volume. The system’s “volume” function (which only appeared after I factory reset the mp3 player) ironically doesn’t even let you change the volume (which is an immense flaw in the system)
What on earth do I do? I’m not spending £35 on a brand new one just because I lost a tiny bit of rubber from this one (Broken ones cost nearly half a brand new one).

Hi @primebroker,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I contacted technical support (apologies for the late reply)
They were unhelpful. Due to the nature of this incident, my opening of the player voided any warranty (There wasn’t one anyway, I got this off Amazon years ago). They recommended going to a local DIY store which was about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard.

I am beyond frustrated, I refuse to spend £30 on a new player when this one works perfectly fine. A piece of rubber worth less than a few pennies is what has made this player totally unusable.
If the player was designed with common sense in mind (which day by day I believe less and less), the “volume” open in the settings menu would actually do something, unfortunately, contrary to what anyone would think, you cannot change the volume within the … VOLUME menu.
Since this is an old console I very much doubt there is still likely to be a firmware update to enable such a feature, so what am I to do? Buy a broken one for £15? At the end of the day it’s not my fault, the player was supposed to be rainproof, if it was, I would never have had to taken it apart to dry it.