Clip Sport creates two albums for Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams

Hey folks,

I’m currently struggling to get the album “A Head Full Of Dreams” by Coldplay to my Clip Sport with firmware version 1.39.

As this is a compilation, there is one track which has an interpret name of not only “Coldplay”, but “Coldplay feat. Tove Lo”. This makes the Clip Sport to create two interpret folders, one for all songs of this album by “Coldplay” and one for track 06 (Fun) named “Coldplay feat. Tove Lo”.

I had the same problem with the compilation “Mylo Xyloto”, also by Coldplay, with one song featuring Rihanna, so I used Mp3Tag editor to remove the “feat. Rihanna” and “feat. Tove Lo” from the Interpret’s name section.

This was successful, because Windows Explorer properties now only show “Coldplay” as the interpret.

While Mylo Xyloto is now working without problems and has a correct album art displayed, A Head Full Of Dreams still shows up splitted in “A Head Full” with only "Fun (the track that was initially feat. Tove Lo, but retagged with only Coldplay) and “A Head Full Of Dreams” with all other tracks.

Microsoft Explorer shows them all in one folder on the Clip Sport, but Clip Sport shows two folders - both without album art (album art is correctly named, correct size and correct .jpg).

I’m sorry that I can’t provide you the album with my MP3-Tag-settings, but this would be illegal and I don’t want to go to jail just because I was trying to get this issue fixed. :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated