Clip Sport Audiobooks Playback Lacking - need update!

I have another post on an issue playing mono M4A audiobooks only in one ear, and only using normal playback - fast and slow playback plays mono correctly in both ears!

While I’m thinking about this - I’m very happy with the capabilities of this player, and would like to get more, but:

  1. Problem above with Mono playback normal speed audiobooks.  

  2. Audiobooks play correctly under the “audiobook” selections on the Clip Sport, but do not allow you to access using Artist, Album and Songs.  Would like Genre also!   The problem appears to be, if an audiobook is coded as “music” then it won’t keep the playback position when you stop listening to the book!  When coded as “audiobook” then it keeps the playback position when you stop listening, but you can’t access by Artist, Album, Songs and (again would be nice) by Genre. 

Sandisk, you are the best!  But need to pay attention a bit to some of your loyal customers, even on the Clip Sport!