Clip Sport asks for language and region every time I disconnect it from the PC

I recently updated my Clip Sport to 1.43 Firmware but since then I have the following problem:

Every time I connect the player to the PC in order to trasfer files, when I disconnect it it asks to select language and region. 

This didn’t occur before the firmware update. Does anybody know how I could solve it? Thank you.

Do you guys get the same message when you disconnect your Clip Sport or am I the only one who has noticed it? :confounded:

It’s not normal, I would guess that the upgrade wasn’t 100 percent successful.

I would try to perform the upgrade once again.

Thank you for your reply The_Swede!

I’ll perform the upgrade once again and report what happened. 

In my experience, the player stops asking for the language and region after 2-3 start-up cycles.

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