Clip Sport 8gb - won't sync more than 4-5 cds, then drops off computer

I’m getting very frustrated with this Sansa device.  I purchased it for my hubby a while ago and a lot of life has happened until now.  So I’m just now trying to sync his favorite tunes to it. I can get it to load four or five cds, then it drops off the computer and nothing else will load.  I’ve reformatted and tried various ways to load music three times now. I’m trying to get the latest update to install, 1.27, but once it started, I got an error message that device is not found on the computer. I’m on Win7 and using Windows Media Player to sync.  I also tried to rip it from Nero but that grouped all the songs into one big folder entitled “unknown artistst” – not very practical. I hate that I wasted money on this if it’s not going to work.  Any suggestions and/or advice will be greatly appreciated. 

when you rip a CD with a program that does not have the option to get the song info (i am not sure what version of Nero you are using but this was not available in older versions IIRC)  you will have to enter all the ID3 tag info manually. You can either rip with something like Windows Media player and set it to automatically get song info or use a program like MP3 Tag to enter it manually. 

Have you tried the Mp3 player with any other computers? If so and the same dropping issue occurs the player may need to be replaced. For that contact sandisk support.