Clip Sport 4GB vs 8GB in terms of battery life

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and English is not my native language, so I hope that you forgive me my mistakes :wink:

A year ago I bougt my wife Sansa Sport Clip 4GB player and I’m really impressed by the playback time on one charge (over 20h). Now I want to buy another device for myself and I found really strange thing - 4GB and 8GB versions are at the same price in one of my closest AGD resellers (or at really similar prices everywhere).

I would buy 8GB version, but I’m affraid about battery life which is crucial for me. I’m affraid that by double memory capacity, battery life could be significially decreased. Can anyone tell me if it is true? Does those two versions have similiar battery life or totally different?

Enjoy and get the higher capacity–no change in the battery life (the extra storage is just sitting there, waiting to be used)!

And, your English is fine and very good–no doubt much better than my ability on your own native language!


Double the memory space for the same price? :dizzy_face:

A no-brainer . . . BUY IT! Memory size has nothing to do with battery or usage life. :wink:

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