Clip sox: US $.50 shipped (seemingly U.S. orders only)

Offered by, a “sox” for your Clip, to act as a case-of-sorts for the Clip for transport.

Although not designed for the Clip, the size is pretty much perfect for it.  Basically, a small tube of a thicker stretchy cotton-like socks fabric (like thick athletic socks), closed at the bottom and rolled over at top like socks, in contrasting colors.  The Clip fits cushioned inside and will not fall out.  Has a small loop at the inside top, and includes a small and real nifty removable caribiner to attach the sox to your beltloop, etc., as well as a thick fabric cord with adjustable bead, if you want to wear the sox.

Available for US 50 cents shipped (no, this isn’t a typo), plus tax–5 cents–in California, in black with a white stripe; gold with a yellow stripe; and dark pink with a light pink stripe.  (The blue sox is sold out.)  Enter promotion code MLCSOX2 in the order page coupon box; limit one per order.  Other colors available at $2.50.  Regularly $5.99.

Despite the price (only a little bit more than a U.S. letter postage stamp), the quality is good, to hold a Clip or for other use.  A nice and very inexpensive solution (the caribiner itself is worth the charge) for transporting a Clip around when not in use, to protect it or just for fun!

I just ordered mine.I got the black and gray one.What a deal! Thanks,Milkerman!!! :slight_smile:

Good for you!  By the way, the company is reliable and ships quickly–I received mine 3 days after ordering. 

Just an update, that the pricing and code still seems to work (although the company has said that this offer was only for 1 day last week and has expired–perhaps they forgot to deactivate the code …). 

My sock came today!! :slight_smile: What a deal!! Only 3 days after ordering! It said black and grey but came in black and white which I prefer anyway.Very sturdy.Great belt clip.Not bad for 55 cents!

Great to hear!  Yep, the black and “gray” really is black and white (the description is wrong, although the photo is right).  Really, the carabiner clip and the cord is worth more than the 55 cents alone.

Thanks, Miikerman!

Acutally this little pouch is great for carrying my key card for work.We have key cards to get into the buildings at work (3) and I am constantly moving from one building to the other.This is really hard on my key card from either 1) being in my back pocket and then sitting on it,it gets bent 2) being on my key chain makes it hard to get my keys into my front pocket which isn’t good for the card either 3) wearing it around my neck is hard to bend just right to get the reader to read the card especially when I am carrying suff in my arms.4) I have a vest where I carry the card in the pocket and it zips up,but then I would have to wear the vest all of the time,and in the summer it wouldn’t be practical.

If I ever get a bigger Sansa I would need one then too,so I am going to try to order a second one.

Thats is the one of the things I like about the clip.I clip it to my bra strap and I’m good to go. :slight_smile:

Good to hear it’s been of use!  Ordering a 2nd should work (you may need to open up a second account–easy enough to do). 

@renate wrote:


Thats is the one of the things I like about the clip.I clip it to my bra strap and I’m good to go. :slight_smile:

And thank you for that wonderful imagery!


All the best.

Just too bad that Meritline didn’t offer all the various colors with its special deal.

I ordered a second one with a different email, and yes, the coupon still works today.I may write the first one off on my taxes as it is a work related expense.LOL

Let’s see:  that’ll get the cost down to about 35-40 cents for you.   :wink:

Got mine in the mail today.  Very high quality item and a perfect fit for my Clip.  Once again, thanks, Miikerman!

Great to hear!  What the heck–for 50 or so cents.  Looks like the coupon code still works (I think they just forgot to turn it off) and that a couple of the colors are still left, including the black and white–

Got my second one in the mail today!! :slight_smile:

Sounds like another massive tax deduction to me.   :wink:

And, the offer is back, although this time you need to purchase 2, of different colors, to get the 50 cents per sox offer (so, $1.00 for 2 sox, plus tax if applicable; regular shipping and handling is free). 

To take advantage of the offer, put 2 sox (different colors) in your cart and apply the same coupon code as before, MLCSOX2.  (Note:  if you purchased previously, use a different email address for the new order; otherwise you get a “may only redeem coupon once” message.)

More colors than before:  black & white, grey, pink, purple, light green & yellow, and gold & yellow.