Clip+ sometimes restarts automatically

I have little problem with my Clip+ 2GB. Sometimes it can restart during plays music, and came back to random track. It happens not so often but I dont like it.

I have 4GB MicroSDHC from Sandisk. Recently Clip restarted on music from device. So it could not be memory card issue.

Can someone tell me what to do ? I tried to format Clip… problem still exist

Thanks for any help, sorry for my english.

It’s defective. Take it back or contact SanDisk directly about a waranty replacement.

Hmm, I tried to remove all Comments from id3 tags (with Mp3tag), then cheked Clip with chkdsk. I’m testing player for 6-7 hours, at this moment is OK.

It could really help or not ?Hmm…

It doesn’t really sound like something that would be caused by bad ID3 tags, but who knows? Sometimes these things have a mind of their own.

Good Luck on your testing.