Clip sleeve for the SlotMusic player

Hi everyone,

Here’s a simple idea, that I think could make a big difference (at least for me!). Why not offer a sleeve for the SlotMusic player that doubles as a clip and transforms the player into something like the ipod shuffle or the sansa clip.

I would buy that immediately and I think a lot of other people would as well. I use an MP3 player mainly when I’m commuting on my bike so I need a player with two important features :

  • "no-look"controls (no menu navigation ==> rules out the sansa clip)

  • some kind of attachment system so that the player and its buttons always stay at the same place

IMHO a clip is perfect, it can go on a belt, a backpack strap, an armband, shirt collar, etc.

I know about the existing armband for the SlotMusic player, but I don’t like it, it makes the player too visible, it doesn’t fit well over a winter jacket and it takes a lot of time to put on compared to a clip.

And while I’m at it, if the SlotMusic player had a clip and a shuffle switch, it would be an ipod shuffle killer. The ipod shuffle is what comes closest to the perfect player for me, but it’s just way too expensive for what it is (2GB of non-extendable memory), has no Micro SD slot and has an integrated battery which is arguably a flaw. 

I hope the right people read this. 


The Slotmusic player has no display, and is said to have sound quality that is lower than the Clip. One doesn’t need to use the display on the Clip that often. They can let albums or playlists play through. At least the display is there though when someone does want to use it. A AAA battery based version of the Clip with a micro SD card slot would be cool(I guess it would be a bit larger than the regular Clip though).

If your theoretical sleeve for the SlotMusic player also included some slits or pockets to hold additional Micro-SD cards, it would be even better. And I agree a added shuffle feature would absolutely decimate the I-pod Shuffle. There’s a ‘wallet’ designed for the SM player that will hold additional cards, but that isn’t the same thing as you are suggesting.

Here we go though, finding faults with and coming up with new ways to improve a product that has only been out a couple of weeks. SanDisk may have some of these ideas waiting in the wings, but I’m sure we won’t see any changes for at least several months.

I’m sure as this product finds it’s way into the marketplace and gains (we all hope) popularity, 3rd party accessory manufacturers may offer up  some tasty treats. But look at how long the Fuze has been out and how many cases, etc. are available for it. It’s finally starting to get better, but still a meager selection.

 In the meantime, maybe you could use one of those ‘flash drive’ or ‘memory stick’ cases/wallets I have seen in places like OfficeMax or Office Depot. I know there are some with belt loops, but haven’t noticed if any come with clips; something like what used to come on pagers (before the cell phone boom).

A side note: Be careful bicycling with earphones in, especially if you are road/street riding. I used to do this in my younger, foolish days too, but wised up a few years ago. Your hearing is such an important sense and aid when it comes to knowing what or who is around you, like cars coming up on you from behind. Of course a quick glance to the rear is always necessary before a turn into traffic, but with experience your ears will tell you approx. how close the traffic is before you turn & look.

Just a warning . . . It’s your life. Literally! Anytime a car and a bicycle meet, the cyclist loses, no matter who’s at fault.

One of the “skins”, actually a battery cover, available at Best Buy has 3 slots for holding cards, with a velcro-secured cover.  You remove the cover like to replace the battery, and install this cover instead.