Clip screen stopped working, installed update, now only the lights come on

Yesterday, I hooked it up to my computer, did some updating.  It was plugged in for about 6 hours.  I tried to listen to the updates and the screen wouldn’t work, I could only hear the radio. This morning I tried to use it and the screen still wouldn’t work.  I then tried a soft reset, still only radio.  Next, I tried firmware update, now only the lights come on, no sound!  Please help, need tunes!!

Delete the stuff you added yesterday before it went buggy. The see if its better. IF that fixes it, check out the files you added that made it act funny. Make sure they arnt corrupted in anyway, and that their tags are in good shape.

I actually didn’t add anything. I was informed Sunday that I had to renew my subscription by plugging in.  So yesterday, I plugged in, did a transfer, to manage device through Rhapsody, deleted songs then disconnected. I noticed that when I plugged the device in, the screen remained black.  So today, I did the update and now the only thing that works is the lights behind the control dial.

I got nothin!