Clip says it's full and won't work...

When I turn it on, it says “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 30MB…”

When I plug it into the computer, it doesn’t show up. I’ve followed the directions on the site, but the “USB whatever” and “Portable whatever” options aren’t available to click.

What do I do?!?  

Manually connect in MSC mode.  Start with the Clip OFF, slide the power switch down to the HOLD position (orange).  Press and HOLD the center button depressed until the PC recognizes the Clip (usually in a few seconds).

The Clip will display the Connected icon on its display.  You can then release the button.

Right click on My Computer and select Manage.  Below Storage, select Disk Management.  The CLIP will appear in the upper right of the list pane.  Right click on the CLIP. Select Properties.  In the new pop-up, click on the Tools tab.  Lastly, click on the Check Now button under Error-Checking.

This should recover your Clip.

Slide the power switch back to OFF, and once the PC is done looking at your Clip, unplug.

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I got it to recognized that the clip is plugged in, but I can’t do the rest of what you said. (There wasn’t a Tools tab in properties) =/

If it helps, the sync section of media player says that the clip is full, but it also says that there are no files on it…

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Check this new visual aidfor error checking.  Cool, huh?  Hope this helps.

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