Clip reads sub directories? Clip can store any files? Is there black 4GB Clip?


I’m about to buy Sansa Clip 4GB and I want to make a few things clear before buying it:

  1. when I work in MSC mode, I can put songs in directories, and the player will read them

(I won’t be able to browse the directories, but Clip will recognize and index them if they

are sub-directory of MUSIC), right?

  1. when I work in MSC mode, I can upload files (anytype) to a new diretory I will create

in the root directory (I’ll create it “near” MUSIC) and Clip will ignore them, right?

  1. Is there a black Clip 4GB? (It seems to be only in silver…) 

Thanks, :wink:


Yes, the Clip will find any music files with ID3 tags transferred in either communications mode.

The Clip can be used as a handy data storage device, in addition to music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Thus far, the 4GB Clip is only available in silver metallic.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you very much! I’m going to order it!

Itay. :smiley: 

To make the silver case black, buy a black leather/neoprene/silicone case …

Also:  the Clip recognizes music/audio files whether in the Music folder or not; for example, I created separate audiobooks and podcasts folders.

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So it is not possible to have playable files on Clip that it doesn’t recognize?

(some way to cause him ignore a specific directory?) 

I believe that if the files are not in a format that the Clip recognizes, the Clip just will ignore them.  I was referring to, e.g. mp3 files stored outside the Clip’s Music folder.

Yeah, I referred to them too. so I can’t have playable files (MP3 etc.) on the Clip that it will not recogzine?

I believe that it will add all mp3s to the database, no matter where stored.  But you could experiment/perhaps do something with the properties of a folder on the Clip to avoid that.


The clip will search, recognize and display in musiclist, any file extension it supports (mp3, wma, ogg, wav) regardless of where it is in the heirarchy (root, music folder, created folder, etc.).

The work around to this would be to set the files as hidden and the file will not show up on the clip, but this ONLY works for WMP11 MTP drivers. The msc did not implement this.

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I believe I’ll only use MSC.

What about playlist (.m3u), does Clip find any .m3u files exist on the player?

.m3u playlist uses relative location. Is there any problem to create a playlist that uses songs from different directories?