Clip+ Radio Volume

Hello Clip+ world from the UK.

Does anybody know if the volume reduction included in the first Firmware update reduces the volume of the FM Radio? If it does I might give the Firmware update a go. If not I probably wont bother.

Other than the FM Radio volume issue the current bugs dont bother me and overall delighted with my Clip+. Bought another two for my eldest grandchildren, 7 & 9, as Christmas presents. They too very happy with their Clip+'s and can drive them well enough. 


The analog FM gain trim was not addressed in the latest firmware.  It most likely was reported late in the testing and development cycle for this release.

I did not notice the gain issue straight away, as I had been listening to the FM at moderate volume.  The original Clip shared this behaviour, and the gain was corrected via firmware (the FM chip feeds audio into one of the processor’s available line input pairs).  Listening in the evening, I noted the omission.

Another issue I have noted is EMI from the display driver, compared against the earlier Clip.  This is manifested in signal interference when tuning to a broadcast with moderate signal strength.  Once the display times out, the signal is pretty clear.