Clip Quality

Was wondering if there is a place where the  frequency response of the 2&8 GB clip and supplied ear buds is listed.

I have a song I recorded to tape years ago and digitized and put on clip even though it was missing first 4 lines. Also made an Audio CDR and I believe file was an mp3 of high quality 256kbps.

Then I used YouTube downloader to obtain the same song, complete, and converted it to mp3 and WAV. Put mp3 on clip.

Found CDR mp3 and wav had some high freq distortion like swishing and crackling sounds in voice and music when played on regular audio equipment but seemed OK on my clip and earbuds. This was not so with original radio tape, mp3 and CDR.

Of course I have no idea where The YouTube file came from, of what quality it was, but was trying to figure why the downloaded and converted file didnt sound good on sound equipment, even a small entry level Magnavox boombox.

Thought maybe the Clip and earbuds were intentionally smaller frequency range so files could be smaller yet still sound acceptable. Might add that though I can hear most things and above 10000-12000 on tone tests, and can detect digital distortion, I have determined that with ordinary music my clips music sounds acceptable even though wma VBR 25 att 42-88 kbps. Very few if any have I had to swith to highr quality or format to improve poor sound.

But I only use ear buds that came with clip, not play through stereo equipment.Can anyone perhaps comment on this???

Could it be (pardon the pun) “clipping”? You can check and/or adjust the level with MP3Gain.

If quality of sound is important, you should eliminate that first step: YouTube.  Get a real copy of the file at a decent bit rate.  Running at 64kbps and below, your media will sound like a Channel Master 6-Transistor with a low battery.

Ah, the childhood memories.  I just found a page with the Sears Silvertone 7054 radio (1947 vintage) that I restored as a kid.  The thing was covered in papier mache and painted purple!  Underneath? A pristine, unscratched walnut finish.  All she needed was a restringing of the selector dial and a grille cloth.  Not bad for a three-dollar garage sale find, eh?

I restored it in 1979; my mother still listens to it daily.  The link shows a bare bones one; I used a classic grille cloth with gold fibers intermixed, like the RCA models had.  I’ll have to give her a call, that beast is selling for over $325!  She’ll be surprised, but won’t ever sell it.  Neither would I.

I digress.  Start with a quality download.  Quality isn’t too expensive.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

Digress away, Bob.  Beauty was a lamentable casualty of miniaturization.  Could you make me a walnut case for my Clip+, please?