I have had my Clip+ for less than a month, and it has been running perfectly up until this morning. I always charge my player overnight, and it runs fine the next morning. However, I had awoken and checked my clip+, and it was EXTREMELY hot.  Like when your car is left in the sun for awhile and you touch the silver part of the seatbelt. lol only comparison i could think of. I tried turning it on, and it said batter low and turned off. I waitied a few hours until it cooled, and tried to charge it again. It immediatly began to heat. Does anyone have any idea what’s happening?

Sounds like you have a hardware issue. Either a bad battery or charging circuitry. It should not be getting hot like that when charging. If you’re within your dealer’s return time frame, I would return it for another. if not, you can contact SanDisk Tech Support about a warranty replacement.

Thats right… if there is a product Overheating problem then u can get it replaced by contacting the sandisk Support.

since u say u had it for less than a month, u can try getting it replaced from the place of purchase.

And don’t attemp to charge again, Li-On batteries can be problematic.