Clip Plus firmware 01.02.15 memory support?

Hi, id like to ask what type an max capacity of micro sd memory that can be use in firmware 01.02.15? My Clip Plus was downgrade to version 01.02.15 (from version 01.02.17) yesterday, after reboot and scanning… it cant read my songs database at the memory (Toshiba micro SDHC 8gb, class 4). Am i missing something here? Thx.

There’s no difference in memory support–32GB.  8GB should be no problem.  Have you tried the card in something else that can read it? 

And just curious, but why the downgrade? And did you get the firmware from the SanDisk site? 

Hi Ucong, by the way, how did this work out for you? May I also ask why you downgraded this?