clip+ playlists support? m3u? // randomization bug?

does this mp3 player have support for m3u playlists

cuz the track record is not good for the sansa brand (in my experience)

sansa express didnt have it, i sold it

sansa c250 didnt have it, i put rockbox on it, thank god

just wondering if they stepped into the year 2000 with a standardized playlist support and not that sansa database ■■■■

also, there was a huge randomization bug with the sansa express, just checking if they have broken randomization in these models

Fuze, Clip and Clip+ all support m3u playlists.  The original FW on all had some bad randomization issues, but it was drastically improved on all quite a while ago.

BTW, my primary listening mode is large m3u playlists on shuffle.  So I’m pretty familiar with this aspect and am quite happy with it.

The only catch with m3u playlists is that the paths in the playlist must be relative to the location of the playlist.

For example, if the playlist is in the root of the player, the paths in the playlist need to look like:


If the playlist is in the Music folder on the player, the paths need to look like:


Hope that helps.

yup, thanks for the info