Clip Pauses at Welcome Screen-Tried everything

I had been having trouble with my Clip lately-it started “pausing” or stopping when playing Mp3’s. I thought it was the headphone jack, but it was not.

The sound on the FM tuner was perfect. So it was just when playing Mp3’s. Now it is just stops at the welcome screen no matter what-cannot get past that. 

 It will not even be recognized by the computer.

Here is what I have done so far.

  1. Tried to reset the Clip by holding it up for 20 seconds. Does not work

  2. Tried to update the firmware-that won’t work because the computer won’t recognize it

  3. Tried the recovery program…Once again won’t work because it won’t be recognozed…

  4. Tried to get it to connect in MSC mode by holding down the middle button and sliding the “hold” button down…won’t work…

Not sure what else I can do…

Any assistance would be appreciated.