Clip+ Opens on FM Radio every time

I bought two of the recent Woot refurbs, one for my collection and one for my sister.  First, they did not come in the usual plain

gray refurb box.  One arrived with no charge at all and turned off immediately; the other was almost fully charged.  Don’t know

if these are signs to worry or not.

I have a lot of Clips and Clip+'s and have bought several refurbs very successfully.  The devices all open on Music when

turned on; this new one opens on the FM radio every time.  I’m wondering if I need to do a hard reset.  I’ve already removed

all presets and it still does it.

What should I do?

Donna in AR

If you turn off the player while it is playing the FM radio, it will ‘resume’ on the radio when you power it on.

If you go to Music and select an .mp3 song to play then turn it off, it will start up on that the next time it is powered on.

At least that is the way it is supposed to work. :wink:

Thanks. I just needed to know normal behavior of the device for sure.  I guess to really tell if all is not well, I’ve got to first load some stuff on it.

That’d be a good place to start. Don’t look for problems that aren’t there. :wink:

I think there have been red flags all along but last night I could not load an OverDrive book without getting message

about obtaining license which I’ve never seen before.  I formatted and reloaded a different way and that book seems OK.

I synced a ripped book using WMP11 as I always do.  On the PC it says book is fine but on device the CD’s are all out of order

and the chapter mode is not correct eith (number of CD out of total). 

I synced this same book to another clip and no problems at all.  I think the insides are gimped from the get go.

How do I reset a Clip+?  Reset all or use the power button?  I want to do a hard reset and try to re-load the book.

If it is still messed up then I have a DUD.


Donna in AR


–  Original Clip:  hold the power switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds.

–  Clip+:  hold the power button down for 20-30 seconds.

Thanks Mikerman.  I can always count on you for straight answers.

Donna in AR


Well, I do feel like a fool but here goes as it may help someone else.  I did the hard reset and it did erase the OD book but

when I reloaded the rip book there still was no order to anything.

A light came on in my feeble brain and I decided to check USB mode–it was set to MSC!!!  None of my clips have ever come

set to anything but auto detect but you live and learn.  Changed it to auto detect and both books have loaded perfectly.

Moral: new or refurb check All Settings!!!