Clip + not refreshing media every time

When I unplug my Clip + after saving mp3 files to it, it doesn’t always refresh the media. I have it set to MSC mode, and I always click “safely remove” before unplugging. If I plug it back in, I can use Windows Explorer to see that the new files are in there. The files are all tagged.

Eventually, after plugging and unplugging it a few times it will refresh. I just updated the firmware to version 01.02.18A, but that didn’t help. I don’t use my Clip + on a regular basis, so I don’t know when this problem started.

I’m still having this problem, does anyone have any ideas?

Don’t know what’s going on, but you can force a refresh if you want. After adding your new files, and while still connected to your computer delete the MTABLE.SYS file on your Clip+. This is the database file. When you unplug, it should completely rebuild the database including any new files you just added.

If it doesn’t automatically trigger this upon unplugging, just turn the player off and then on again. You should see the database refresh upon re-starting.

Or, simply click a microSD card (with content on it) out of and then back in to the player’s microSD card slot.

Deleting MTABLE.SYS seems to do the trick.  Just powering cycling doesn’t help.