clip not recognizing all 8GB of microSD

So I just got my new Clip+ 8GB.  I have a microSD card (8GB, sanDisk), and it is only letting me use 5GB of the card.  I cleared everything off of the card, but it still the same.  I haven’t had a problem with the card like this before, and it has gone through two other players.  Tell me what I’m doing wrong!

Not sure how you’re clearing the card, but apparently, something isn’t going away . . . .  You may want to try a format of the card using the SD Association’s SD formatter–hopefully, that will clear things up.

The formatter worked!  Thanks.

Thanks for the report back–cool! :slight_smile: The SD Association’s formatter tool seems to have better luck in clearing things than the Windows formatter might, from reports–always good to hear back about it.