Clip+ Malfunctions

Greetings from the Forest Moon of Endor!

Ok, it’s really the Redwood Coast of California, but you know I made you smile with that comment, didn’t ya? Hmmm? :slight_smile:

I bought a 4Gb Clip+ in October, 2014 and put a 32Gb Micro SD Card in it and used it daily while riding my bicycle for about a year and a half, and it worked great. Then I got laid up after a round with Colon Cancer and it sat in a case in my filing cabinet for year and a half. When I got it out to use a few months ago it does some odd things, like switching itself off, changing tracks or folders, and the buttons are very hard to use now. It will still play if I set it up and get it going, then set it down and don’t touch it. But any movement, bouncing, etc., makes it glitch out. So I can’t use it for cycling anymore.

So I was thinking it was done for and was going to replace it. Then I thought that perhaps there might be something I could do to fix it. Is it possible that formating the drive or replacing the firmware would clear up these glitches?

Does anyone have any suggestions? Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated!