Clip+: make rewind continuous to the previous track

When playing an album of podcasts, it is so annoying if one misses the last few words of a podcast and wants to listen to the last few words of the podcast after the next podcast began playing. Pressing rewind doesn’t work, and one needs to navigate to the start of the previous track, then fast forward through most of it. Very annoying!

It would be so nice if you could just rewind to near the end of the previous track.


Wraparound REW / FF is one of the coolest things, especially if you just missed the end of a track (things like, uh, “work”, and the telephone do happen).  If you were unfortunate enough to zap your player into the next podcast, as happens if the FF button is pressed for too-short an interval, it’s great to be able to “back up” continuously into the previous track.

Hey, with its Ubersensitive touch pad, the Fuze+ allows rewinding back into the last track.  Man, I hope this feature remains intact!

Backing through the last track played was dropped last year. I really can’t overemphasize how nice this feature is.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

How many times must we ask for this same thing: CONTINUOUS REWIND AND FF!!! It’s not like they don’t know HOW to do it! 

It’s a feature that they REMOVED!   PLEASE PLEASE PUT IT BACK or change the name of the Clip + to Clip MINUS.