Clip + locks up computer when connected

Whenever I connect my Clip + to my XP SP2 laptop, it puts everything on hold indefinitely - I can click on things, but nothing will respond until I disconnect the player (by physically removing the USB chord, as I can’t even access the USB devices window) - then everything loads at once.  This makes putting music on it impossible.  Checking Task Manager while this occurs reveals that CPU usage is normal, and no processes are taking large amounts of ram (I have 2 gig).

After I downloaded the Windows hotfix for recognizing sdhc cards greater than 4 gb, I found that if I opened My Computer before I connected, then I would be able to browse the player.  Now, not even that works.

I have a 16 gb micro sdhc card in the 8 gb player, and it’s set to MSC.  

This thing has crashed 3 times in the 5 days I’ve been using it - I like it but it seems to be a real hassle.  :cry:

Make sure you have WMP 10 or 11 installed. See if that helps. If you dont want to do that disconnect the player and go to the system settings, and change the USB mode to MSC

It was already set to MSC when this problem started occuring, and I want to leave it that way.

I found a workaround - I open My Computer, and then remove the micro SDHC card before I connect the Clip+ to the computer.  After doing that, I use an adapter and an SD reader if I want to access the card (which is where all my music is).  

But plugging the Clip+ with the card inserted will still lock up the computer until it’s unplugged.  Which is odd because I could have sworn that’s how I uploaded my music a week ago.  

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