Clip keeps discharging

Hello Forum

I have a Clip+ 8GB and I love it to bits.

The have an issue however.  When I turn off the clip using the power button and then come back later sometimes it has completely discharged itself even though I turned it off.  It is as if it has been playing all that time and is now flat.  I can go away with 60% power and then come back 5 hours later and it will be down to 10% even though I have been careful to use the power button to turn it off.

Any suggestions?

BTW the 5 hours for 50% is just an approximate guess and does not reflect the battery life of the clip.

Ulp, sounds like a circuitry issue. First, are you sure that you have turned the Clip off? (I know, I know, but this happens to the best of us.) Second, in case it might be a firmware issue due to corrupt code (which can happen), you could try reinstalling the latest firmware and see if that helps–see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum. And by any chance, are you still within the warranty period (1 year U.S., 2 years EU)?